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The Carriage House School provides a nurturing and stimulating environment for children where they have the opportunity to grow socially, emotionally, and physically with their peers. We strive to guide children to feel good about themselves and to develop a positive self image. The program is open to all children ranging in age from three years seven months to seven years, from Milton and the surrounding communities.

​The Carriage House Schools offer a warm, nurturing environment for children to grow and learn. Each child's self concept is greatly enhanced by the teachers' interacting with him/her on an individual basis, identifying his/her unique needs and abilities. The developmental philosophy of the Carriage House Schools offers a secure environment in which a child experiments while forming a basis for successful relationships and fostering an openness to learning, so crucial in later years. Based on the theory that children learn through play, our self directed activities allow children to "discover for themselves" while the staff act as enablers of learning. Activities and daily routines are presented to challenge sensory, motor, perceptual and language skills, as well as offering practice of social and self help skills throughout each day. We advocate a love of learning by allowing each child to experience his/her own stage of development and helping them to feel success without pressure, moving one step at a time. Each child's level of cognitive development will be respected and challenged. Just as a child cannot run before they strengthen their leg muscles by standing, creeping, crawling and walking, they cannot do elementary school math, before understanding the spatial relations, serration and classification concepts best learned through hands-on building, sorting, filling, emptying, investigating and collecting in the preschool years. Our learning center activities offer developmental challenges to the child in reading, math and social readiness, thus preparing them for success in future schooling.

​-Develop a love of learning and a positive attitude about school
-Build self esteem
​-Challenge each child's developmental abilities


The Four Year Old Program
The Four Year Old Program is geared to children 3.9 years by September. This program is developmentally designed to build on social and educational skills acquired in our three-year-old program. It is designed to provide the child with the needed readiness skills to enter Kindergarten the following fall. Our mission is to develop in the child a love of school and learning. We continue encouraging the child's listening, social and readiness skills.

The Pre-Kindergarten Program
​The Pre-Kindergarten Program is an academically challenging program for children old enough to enter kindergarten or five by December 31st, but who would benefit from one more year in a nurturing environment. This program gives the children another year to grow socially and emotionally while stimulating ther intellectual capabilities.

The Kindergarten Program
​The Kindergarten Program is designed to develop a love of learning. Each child is challenged academically in both large and small group settings. A low student teacher ratio ensures that every student will realize his or her potential in a warm and supportive environment. The small group also allows for more attention to each child's individual strengths and needs.

​Both programs are individually geared to the child's unique abilities. Students are exposed to a range of academics. While each child is challenged, we encourage them to progress at their own pace. The two programs are housed in the same classroom so that the children get the experience of both small teacher/student ratios and larger group exposure. They also receive the opportunity to interact on a daily basis with more than one teacher. 

Tuesday/Thursday afternoon Spanish: This program is offered first to the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students. If there is extra space it is then opened up to the four year old children, as of July. The children have a 30-45 minute fun oriented introduction to Spanish. This is done through games, songs and simple worksheets. Also offered during this afternoon session are gym and a creative activity. Hours 1-3:30 

​Monday/Wednesday/Friday Science: This program is offered first to the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students. If there is extra space it is then opened up to the four year old children, as of July. The children have 30-45 minutes of Science. Some themes taught are plants, air motion, animals and mixtures. An emphasis is also put on early math skills. Cooking is also incorporated in this program. Hours 1-3:30

Director: Maura Foley, B.S. Ed.
For more information, please call 617-696-2468 or email Maura, maura@carriagehouseschool.com